3V is an intelligent automation company which focuses on
automated production and process engineering. We are also a
solution provider that fully understand your challenges and visions
in today’s global competition. We commit ourselves to ambitiously
innovating and breaking our limit for all your demands. Our teams
based in China and worldwide are enthusiastic for deploying
industry in-depth knowledge as well as abundant experience in
automation production and process engineering which helps
deliver perfect product & solution for you and enable implement
tomorrow’s technology today.


With years in design and manufacture of heat exchange machinery and solution for the Automotive
industry, 3V has established itself as a global market leader, with world-class products.

3V Automation manufactures an extensive range of proven products including Form Roll tooling,
High-Medium speed Fin Mill, Semi-automatic, Full-automatic Core Builder,
Stuffer Machine, Tube Cut-off Machine and Robotic Application to meet demands from automotive,
HVAC and other industrial heat exchange industries.

Our continuous commitment to quality ensures our clients receive first class industry solution along with
product reliability, symbolized by the company’s ISO-9001 accreditaion and a full range of machines is
committed to satisfying our clients’ requirements.


Today 3V aims to be the world’s leading innovative automation solution provider across different industries. We are now providing
customized product and solution all over the world. Our R&D center and plants in China, France, United States and Poland together
with our expertise' comprehensive knowledge continues benefiting our client right from the earliest stage.
& Engineering

3V has 10 software engineers from different industries closely working with our main Software suppliers - Allen Bradley, Siemens and Mitsubishi. They have over 10 years experience in software programming and on-site testing.

Technology on-demand

3V’s leading technology and core competitive capability in automation machinery production will be the foundation of our business and will always fulfill clients’ demands in nowadays business environment.


3V employs industrial expertise with years of on-site technical experience based in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, who are ready to respond to any of our clients’ requirements 24/7. They provide the full range from services for 3V products and systems to comprehensive maintenance.

Product execution

3V has a team of 30 engineers from different industries and cultures in a global network. They have advantage of connecting product development to production planning.


3V customizes solutions and products for our clients from all over the world. Cooperating with worldwide automotive Tier One suppliers, we are more than capable of working with diversified cultures and expertise from up to 10 European enterprises and their branch operations in Germany, France, Czech, Spain and Poland, also from the United States, Mexico and Brazil, etc. We believe in high technology as the solid foundation of our company, which will not only help our clients to increase the performance of their plant and business, or reduce its overall life cycle cost, what’s more, we believe in the potential from good to great. We will incessantly challenge ourselves and invest in high technology to implement future’s technology today.