3V is committed to fostering a Craftsmanship Spirit and Integrity into our core value. It’s how we work and behave.
It’s embedded in our DNA from the first day we started and now is our foundation for the future.

In 2013, 3V was founded in Tianjin, China. Right from birth, it was characterized by Craftsmanship and developing towards a world-class technology company.


With new company strategy and brand positioning formed in 2014, 3V successfully started partnership with world-class automotive enterprises like Valeo, Mahle and Delphi.

From this year on, 3V became a market leader in automotive and industrial heat exchanger field.


The first fully robotic and customized core builder line was designed and delivered to client.

3V began to transform itself as a solution-focused technology company. We believe in changes that never sleep.


3V R&D center was planned.

The 100th Fin mill was delivered.

The first solution-focused plan was made for Valeo.

In this year, 3V set up a team of technical experts in United States, France, Germany, Poland and South America.


3V R&D center opened.

2 solutions were fulfilled in 1st half and more tailor-made robotic solution will be completed this year.

200 employees are working in Tianjin and globally. The Craftsmanship Spirit and integrity is woven into the fabric of everything.