• One of our client is an automotive supplier and partner to automakers worldwide.
  • As a technology company, our client designs innovative solutions for smart mobility,with a particular focus on intuitive driving and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Our client also provides and distributes
    spare parts for automakers and
    independent aftermarket operators.
The automotive industry is facing dramatic changes in the years to come. There is a huge driving innovation occurring from traditional engine concepts to intuitive driving cars and autonomous production systems, as well as to composite materials that require innovative production processes. In addition, customers want highly customized vehicles. Automotive manufacturers must be able to respond quickly to these complex market demands, which will require the industry to ramp up to highly flexibility and efficiency.
  • Geographic
  • Increased
    customer demands
  • Expanded
    supplier network
  • Growing

Our client develops and manufactures systems, modules and components to ensure the optimal thermal energy management of vehicles and in-vehicle comfort for each passenger during all phases of vehicle use and for all types of powertrain system. It offers numerous and modular solutions for all levels of car electrification and segments from low voltage for mild hybrid electrification to high voltage for full electric driving. The global changing market requires a more efficient and flexible response to increased customer demands.

Across the globe till 2016 December our client now has 57 production units and 10 development centers. In the geographic expansion our client is strategically focusing on today, it is facing a more complex network of suppliers which means the complexity of manufacturing and thermal composite machinery development are rapidly occurring.

Our client wants to find a new way to improve production efficiency and cost of ownership, the crucial success factors.

With 3V product planning, execution and services, we developed heat exchange machines which are using standardized fittings for Valeo worldwide. Those machines delivered to each of Valeo’s plants by applying compatible composite materials and management systems which dramatically reduced time consumed in machinery development and cost in machine transfer globally. Those standardized machines are easier to be monitored and maintained by Valeo throughout their entire lifecycle. In addition, it minimized the complexity of how Valeo manage different global suppliers. To parallel with Valeo product design changes, 3V standardized machinery is expansible and together with 3V services to help save total machine energy and improve asset utilization.
  • Product Design
  • Production Planning
  • Production Engineering
  • Production Execution
  • Services
Global solution for standardized machinery makes complex production processes significantly more manageable. With our machines and services, the overall cycle time can be reduced largely. The cost- intensive machine transfer between global plants is improved. The machines delivered across the world also help to unleash plants’ potential with less labor dependence. This solution better enables Valeo to focus on its global expansion strategy in a long run.
We are happy to see 3V standardized machines better support our business and mainly enhance an improved asset management. We are now able to solve emergent machine transfer or maintenance issues more quickly so that we are becoming more flexible facing the ever-changing market. It helped us focus on areas of what we have strength in and be competitive in the industry.